Helpful Bible Links

excellent resource.  basic notes some in an email, but then you can choose to go to the website and find out more.  it includes personal study, meditations and prayers etc.  This is my favourite ‘proper’ study site.
exactly the same notes as the paper version, with extra links available.  the reading can be read aloud for ease of use.  The readings have a direct link.
the young persons version of ucb notes.  again, links to bible sites are provided
a verse a day, sent directly as email or as an app for iOS android or windows phones.  There is a widget on this site that you can use to put it straight on the church website as a direct link.  I like this for when i am short of time.  It can also be printed off as a poster.
All these are quality bible study notes.  all need signing up for, but are free.  there are many more available to choose from, but these are my personal favourites.  With apps you need to not have too high expectations as they can go wrong easily, and although many are available for most phones, the actual content can vary greatly from phone to phone.
bible stories for children
excellent game for children based on the bible
children’s bible story app